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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Interview @ NIFT

I knew I would clear it. There was no excitement, no movement inside of me even when i reached the inside of NIFT campus, New Delhi. Observant very much as I am, I had to notice the kind of crowd at the Institute and had to make amalgamations through my thought processes. For eg. Girl A was tall and kinda broad but since she couldn't find blouse that could accomodate the width of her torso and thus was barely able to oygenate her loving self. But fashion has a funda, no matter how bulky you may be, still if you need to be in on fashion then you need to be in on what you wear even if it makes you shrink within!

Further listing a very hot instance about a hot contender of NIFT in hot pants (;)). She was approx 5'3" in height and had a very close to the 'RIGHT' figure! In her extra hot pants, I could easily sense her discomfort in moving around and how challenging it had turned out for the hot lass to carry off the hot pants with charm and grace and how the hot pants had slowly rendered as being immensely pathetic! Huh! But that's what the fashion industry commands! Dude, you got to be in on fashion.. (my foot!)

Gathering my senses back to the about to happen interview, I was moving around and along with other candidates through the main gates towards the apparel faculty. As I entered the Waiting room (empty Classroom) that had been directed to me by one of the professors, I was highly amazed by what I perceived. BARBIE DOLLS! As per my expectations, my NIFT classmates would be future designers, my friends and as simple at mind and heart as me but whoa!! (Dude! DID YOU IMAGINE GIRLS IN LONG SLEEVE KURTAS AND PYJAMAS READY TO ROCK AND ROLL THE ACADEMIA AT NIFT??)
The candidates waiting for their respective turns resembled painted dolls with little or no space for earth and canvas.

Entering the room I went ahead to be seated on a vacant chair next to a hugely built girl who was kind of writhing and worrying uncomfortably in her seat. One look at her and I had already thought of an apt tagline to describe her personality, Damsel in Distress (DID). Now, this DID would tell her name and few other details by which I find that she is engaged and is 24 years of age and is very unsure about the upcoming challenge (the interview) that she was about to face! Being of a humanistic nature, my sole priority at this juncture was to pacify her worries. So I go ahead and talk it out to her. Explain her the tips and tricks of the Interview. After listening to me, she looks lovingly at me and hug me (!) Okay! All eyes on us. I had made her feel easy but how would my fellow candidates know that??

One by one names were being announced. Very shortly it would be me and the Interviewers' panel. I was patient and very much at ease. I had no speck of dirt in my mind regarding my qualification of this Interview. Within half an hour or so, my name was called. Entering the room I could see grumpy faces turn into smiles (now my observant mind asked me whether this was due to me??)
I was shown my seat. Thanking the panel I modestly seated myself after which the interview session began which ran 15-20 mins long. I left the room content, with certain certainties and a Big Broad Smile! :)


  1. Interesting blog... boldness and fearlessness of the heart is clearly expressed through not only the words but also the choice of the template and the font... would love to read more