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Friday, October 7, 2011

Worst Dilemma........

I boarded the train, bid goodbye to those who had come to see me off and heaved a sigh of relief once the train accelerated. One hundred thoughts regarding family, career, love, life in general suddenly flooded my mind. I was somewhere struggling to find my way back to normalcy when my thoughts were interrupted as per expectation by the guy who would provide me with bedding on rent basis. I bought my temporary belongings and spread the mattress on my seat, made myself comfortable and began sinking with my mind boggling thoughts. Suddenly I went through the change this guy had returned me and discovered it was five bucks less than what he owed me. Now? What should I do? Should I ask him to give me the exact change back? One part of my brain insisted not necessary to do such a thing. But suddenly another vain cry from within was telling me, "you would become CARELESS or you already are if you don't make an effort to get your money back!!".

Whoa! Careless? Me? I tried to keep calm and think and believe that giving money away like that would entitle me as a GIVER and thus I would gain more and more of wealth in my upcoming years. There is not really a need to call upon the poor guy and ask for the exact change. I am a 'giver'. I throw money and other possessions of mine around to needy/greedy people. This in turn makes me superior in the view of God and he bestows upon me more of his love and blessings and not to forget wealth!

"You Careless moron! daydreaming is too bad for health!". My logical mind counterattacked my wealthy thoughts..

"What do you think, if you leave your money with the vendor that is going to add to your credits? Ha ha! Mind you but my dear you only are making the vendor greedy and this in future would get difficult with others as he would try to earn his extra bucks with every passenger in the train!"

My goodness! I may have been whatsoever in my entire life but Careless! Fighting back my upsurging thoughts, somewhere in the back of my decisive mind I was made up that i definitely would not ask for the change back.


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