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Sunday, December 30, 2012


O Lover mine,
I've found you at last
Come what may
I shan't lose you at any cost
Certain time in life
Alas! had defeated me almost
Suicide! Suicide! Suicide!
A thought I was lost!

O Sweetheart mine,
But that's a thing of the past
Ah! that glance
A shock why do you cast?
Your love today reveals
a revelation that's tough task
Your girl today
I wait in patience, I look forward.

O Darling mine,
That only is for your arrival
Life's necessity, you are
For your girl's survival
Don't you dare
Do ever talk of departing from me
for life's anew,
All's fantasy, since and whence you I see.

O Life mine,
Do stay longest in here
It's too late to die
For this is my view today I swear
Do come to me
Your love waits for you to turn
And walk along
The path o' love, so pure the much awaited and untrod!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

They did not have Horns

As a young girl, I nurtured hatred for another girl in my class. Her name was Akruti. She used to ask favors from me requesting me to write a bad paper in the exams so that she did not have any competition with me and could be sure about standing first in the class. She showed me a bruised palm. She was beaten up by her parents due to her fault of not standing first in the class.

I never quite understood the kind of parents who would subject a child to so much torture. My mind debated with the multiple ideas going on through it. I wanted to somehow find out that whatever story she narrated me was self made and hypocrisy on her part. Day in day out, I tried to understand my classmate's situation better and whether or not I should give in to what she had expressed to me. One night, I had a dream about her parents beating her up and what I couldn't see clearly was that her parents had horns on their heads. They were easily recognizable in the crowd as being Akruti's parents. I woke up with a jolt!

Hmm.. So now I had a clear picture of her parents about how could I make sure that they treated Akruti miserably. So, my little investigative mind began with it's own investigations. Now, my liberal nature would definitely not allow me to surrender to the emotional atyachaar of my classmate. So obviously I did not budge anyhow from my determination of scoring well and being a good girl I studied everything.

The day of our exams dawned and I came out with a victorious smile on my face from the examination hall. I could see she was already waiting for me with a grim expression on her face. I greeted her and she asked me how was my paper. I told her my paper was good. She produced a fake smile and then I excused myself.

During our results, I was looking for her parents specifically. Trying very hard to find them with the horns either or a grumpy face so that I could finally be content that such kind of people do exist. After a while her parents made an appearance. I was quiet taken aback because I seen a set of lovely couple smiling contentedly at their daughter's achievements. And no! They did not have any horns on them. Only Akruti had a grumpy look on her face since it was me and not she who was the first rank holder in the class. Her parents were trying to pacify her sinking heart and explaining her it's nothing got to do with grades but that she was a good student who respected her teachers and elders and strives hard to be better.

I finally came to peace with my revolting state of mind and now knew that Akruti had tried to see if she could gain some luck by presenting herself as being helpless and whether she could actually fool me. That it was her own desire to hold a first rank for which she created some imaginary story. Huh! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tears That Flow...

They lie to me
Who say they care
For they merely speak
O! How do they dare!

They fake the gift of words
Yes! Yes! They do
For they don't really bother
When the need is true.

They lie to me
Who say they love
For they are ignorant
O! For the bluff!

Astonishing! They could be so
O! But you still know not worldly ways
Even when you dwell in it
Years, months, weeks and days..

They lie to me
who say they empathize
For they cannot ever
O! Never, they don't realize.

I feel the pain
Deep inside, unbearable,
Lost in his thoughts,
He looks around and awaits my death, inseparable!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life = Death

O! I fall Prey to suicide..
But I don't desire death..
I want to live still
But alas! I design to kill.

I desire to live, O! With alone my soul mate
Who would have come to me someday
Only if I had lived
O! For the thousands o' desires unfulfilled.

I am desirous, O cherisher mine,
O' leading life luxurious and fine
And no borrowing, no compromise, even a small
Ah! But I must die, tears fall...

O God! My ode ends not here,I have to say more
My dream, my kids I want to borne
And then bring them up, O! My very own
Ah! But t'would remain a dream for I'll be gone!

All o' my long cherished dreams
Must remain distant desires
For I die while alive
and shall leave the world burnt by the separation fires!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


You love me, so you said
But you left, leaving much unsaid
Ah! My hurting heart aches
Can't bear this pain, my whole world shakes.

I think of you day in, day out
Listening to my heart's woes throughout
Poor heart mine, inconsolable so
Come to me lover it begs you though

People suddenly seem aliens in your absence
Life lost it's meaning, it's very essence
How can you live away from me?
When I can't anything beyond you see..

I eagerly await the time, to me which is due
When again I would set my eyes upon you
And within an instant forgetting all my pains
I would embrace you with my love chains..!

First Impressions...

Tithi was easily one of the best looking girls among others who had assembled for the induction programme at WNS Global Services. She was slowly becoming aware of the fact that most of the boys were trying to have her attention. It went on for sometime during the waiting period. Being seated in the front row, she couldn't get a proper view of what was going on behind her. she tried to remain calm and kept her gaze on the floor either or on the door.

Her eye's began wandering. She caught a glimpse of some chart that had been posted on the right side of the training room. It read 'SAFE SEX'.
safe Sex
Her heart raced. Her mind questioned herself 'why do they have to post such a chart here in the training room of a BPO?' She turned uneasy and to to treat her uneasiness resorted to calling up a friend. Now, he reassured her in some way and she decided to go through their washrooms for once. As she was getting her apprehensions cleared on the phone, she could hear murmurs and giggles arising from the back rows. Trying her very best not to pay any attention to them she left her seat.

Back to the Training room, she turned comfortably better and felt easier. The washroom was welcoming!
"Excuse me", she assumed it wasnt meant for her.

"Excuse me please", he repeated. She looked back to find a guy who seemed in his late twenties.


"Just wanted to say please do not worry about these charts as they have been made and put up by the earlier international batch here. Nothing beyond that."

She was looking at him. her mind was still trying to decide if he was a guy she would be okay to hold a conversation with. She looked him in the eyes but couldn't say anything. Then she turned herself, sat straight and resumed her wait for the trainer.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Change With Change.. The following composition of mine has been inspired by Spencer Johnson's 'Who Moved My Cheese'.

Sense it, move along with it
Change is the rule
Else you may have to be content
With accomplishments in school
You may be left out
In the crowd as a mule.

Life was golden
As a sophomore
But the advent of change
Forced the gold to slip away from shore
Unfathomable this could be
Though not impure.

You won't realise change
When it paves its way in the merry-go-round of life
If unwelcomed,
It acts as a knife
Very calmly it pierces through
Turning your ride into a strife.

Recognise change
When it knocks your door
Things are bound
To be enveloped by change for sure
And mind you my dearies
There's nothing that can prevent this, no cure.