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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First Impressions...

Tithi was easily one of the best looking girls among others who had assembled for the induction programme at WNS Global Services. She was slowly becoming aware of the fact that most of the boys were trying to have her attention. It went on for sometime during the waiting period. Being seated in the front row, she couldn't get a proper view of what was going on behind her. she tried to remain calm and kept her gaze on the floor either or on the door.

Her eye's began wandering. She caught a glimpse of some chart that had been posted on the right side of the training room. It read 'SAFE SEX'.
safe Sex
Her heart raced. Her mind questioned herself 'why do they have to post such a chart here in the training room of a BPO?' She turned uneasy and to to treat her uneasiness resorted to calling up a friend. Now, he reassured her in some way and she decided to go through their washrooms for once. As she was getting her apprehensions cleared on the phone, she could hear murmurs and giggles arising from the back rows. Trying her very best not to pay any attention to them she left her seat.

Back to the Training room, she turned comfortably better and felt easier. The washroom was welcoming!
"Excuse me", she assumed it wasnt meant for her.

"Excuse me please", he repeated. She looked back to find a guy who seemed in his late twenties.


"Just wanted to say please do not worry about these charts as they have been made and put up by the earlier international batch here. Nothing beyond that."

She was looking at him. her mind was still trying to decide if he was a guy she would be okay to hold a conversation with. She looked him in the eyes but couldn't say anything. Then she turned herself, sat straight and resumed her wait for the trainer.

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