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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life = Death

O! I fall Prey to suicide..
But I don't desire death..
I want to live still
But alas! I design to kill.

I desire to live, O! With alone my soul mate
Who would have come to me someday
Only if I had lived
O! For the thousands o' desires unfulfilled.

I am desirous, O cherisher mine,
O' leading life luxurious and fine
And no borrowing, no compromise, even a small
Ah! But I must die, tears fall...

O God! My ode ends not here,I have to say more
My dream, my kids I want to borne
And then bring them up, O! My very own
Ah! But t'would remain a dream for I'll be gone!

All o' my long cherished dreams
Must remain distant desires
For I die while alive
and shall leave the world burnt by the separation fires!