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Sunday, December 30, 2012


O Lover mine,
I've found you at last
Come what may
I shan't lose you at any cost
Certain time in life
Alas! had defeated me almost
Suicide! Suicide! Suicide!
A thought I was lost!

O Sweetheart mine,
But that's a thing of the past
Ah! that glance
A shock why do you cast?
Your love today reveals
a revelation that's tough task
Your girl today
I wait in patience, I look forward.

O Darling mine,
That only is for your arrival
Life's necessity, you are
For your girl's survival
Don't you dare
Do ever talk of departing from me
for life's anew,
All's fantasy, since and whence you I see.

O Life mine,
Do stay longest in here
It's too late to die
For this is my view today I swear
Do come to me
Your love waits for you to turn
And walk along
The path o' love, so pure the much awaited and untrod!

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