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Sunday, December 21, 2014


“You are so beautiful!” he repeated for the tenth time since that morning. And for the tenth time she ignored him, his plea for some attention, while continuing to stare at her image in the mirror, or remained fascinated by her fingers, toes, hair. He watched her with a sinking agony deep within, wanting her really, to have her by him for life. She turned towards him suddenly as if reading his mind, pulled him close and kissed him on the tip of his nose, ‘I love you too honey, but mom’s coming home today so better clean up.’

It was time for lunch.

‘Neema-baby, food’s here’, called out the doting husband from the living room downstairs.
It has exactly been a year to their marriage. Today is house warming for the new house they bought in New York City. They were keyed up all morning, making arrangements for guests and later relaxing on the porch outside. It was a lovely house Dave invested all his savings in.
He unpacked the food, laid the table and waited patiently for the wife. Neema came down running, screeching, ‘Honeyyyyy….!’

Dave rushed towards her hurriedly and waited for her to speak. His expression matched hers.

‘Cooockkkroachhh!!! She squealed.

‘Whaaaa…t! Where?’ He asked, evidently worried.

“Under the cupboard”, she moaned all blue.

Together they retreated upstairs to fight the fiend. Sloww…lyy…  ascending the stairs, on the qui vive just in case the cockroach got the better of them, halfway. On reaching, he began hunting the roach, under the cupboard, the bed… there it was- right below the shelves! He traced steady footsteps towards it.

’Baby quick food would be cold’, complained Neema.

‘Shhhhhhhh’, signaled Dave with a finger on his lips. He picked up a coat-hanger and tried to attack the malice creature. As he was about to hit it, the roach disappeared!

‘NOOO!’ Neema shouted on top of her voice. Dave turned insipid. ‘Eh!’ said he, ‘better luck next time’.  He held Neema by the arms and together they descended the stairs.

‘But will you find the cockroach after lunch?’ She punched him in the ribs with her elbow.

‘Yes baby, surely’, he comforted her.

She wasn't convinced and the thought of a cockroach in the bedroom disturbed her. Through lunch she accused him of not cleaning the room properly and nurturing other bad habits like never fetching her clothes on time from the laundry, never cooking any variety in food or that it had been so long he had given her a good feet massage. As she spoke, she cried a little while also warning him that if he doesn’t get the roach out, she will go to her mother’s. To which, he silently acquiesced even as his face read horror.

After lunch, Neema collected both her legs and perched them on the sofa while saying out aloud, ‘So what if DAVE rhymes with BRAVE’, and sulked some more as Dave cleared up the table, guilt ridden.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Of Warm Welcomes and Nice of People

Day of Interview at Enterprise Social Media. Like the eager flock of humans just out of college, job hunting, I too found myself on the same road ahead, wondering hard when I would get to kill one. When you go for an interview, whether you expect it or no, you shall get your fair share of having to wait too long before you’re finally summoned in for the HR Round.

HR Round- Having to endure a person, who will make you say things you don’t really know, understand or mean to do, now or in the future.

Being always on time is a weakness I have and I always live up to it.

Psst... Maybe I was a few minutes before time, not that they expected it!

Whilst I waited patiently in a small room, observed a few employees around. Whoa! Pretty busy people. It wasn’t long until my mind wondered how long it would be before they could call me in. In the process of being drifted away with my judgments of the place, I turned around; a huge wall made of glass was what confronted me. It overlooked a busy street seven floors down the building. Within seconds an airplane crossed my mind, wait no it was for real! It passed right through my eyes, a life-sized one, which couldn’t have been lost upon you. Now that was a serious reason I wanted to get this job!’

A cheerful figurine, lady, in her 30s (my mind decided) came hurriedly towards me, “O hello! Shweta? Right?”

I nodded and extended my right hand towards hers, a firm shake that one!

“How are you doing today?” followed by many smiles and many nods and handing over of a laptop, internet connection ET. Al. I logged in immediately, received a few topics to choose from on my Gmail id. Well thus began my attempt to make my mark as a possible employee. Couple of hours passed, I emailed my write up to ‘’ and relaxed back in my chair. Within a while, I was called in by the same lady, who took me inside a refrigerator, oops that was the director’s cabin. I was asked to take a seat and thus began the Final Round of interview.

Final Round- Don’t go by what it sounds like, this is just the beginning. But yes, you will be made to repeat a lot of things over and over and over again.

I nodded a thousand times, o yes I also said a few meaningful things, which led to the lady and the Director nodding, whilst I wished to get out of that cabin at my soonest. No, not because it wasn’t good, because I was freezing.

Then the nice lady led me out with words like you’ll be informed if shortlisted and such and smiles and nods. I thanked her. But it didn’t end there, she ordered for me a nice vegetable sandwich which I was invited to have along with the whole team, and I ate at my leisure right there next to the manager, yes the lady was my manager to be. Oops, isn’t this a li’l puzzling?

Well, sometimes a few things in life are best left undeciphered. When people are full of compassion and have absolutely no unnecessary airs (yes that’s possible), they exude such vibes that the gamut of mortal in you is pleased with immense reverence. This is the place where you want to be, this is the place you could survive in, you’re suddenly so sure.

The whole atmosphere at the workplace may have been whatsoever, it is of little significance, but what the lady did was home. My office is the second home I have been gifted with. I now work here; it has been an experience I am grateful for.
Of the incalculable things I have learnt here, one which I want to shout out loud is-


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tumultuous of Love

That night in a drunken haze, Vanessa attracted more people than she did most of the times. To be precise, the entire boyfriend crowd at karma where Galbraith took her to make some conversation was apparently more interested in Vanessa than their own girlfriends. She laughed and it was hysterical, pointing at silliest of things. She was one of those girls you couldn't really ignore. Typically bold and outspoken with a charismatic personality and an energetic vibe around her every time which was infectious. Being drunk was not what she was used to. And yes, this was the first time she had gotten herself into this.

Galbraith hadn’t been able to allow himself to even miss a single expression of her face or body then. She was like some casket full of emotions suddenly more upfront and totally capable of making the rest of the world wanting to get a life themselves! As he gazed at her more, he knew it so well deep within his heart that she was the girl he would lie down dead for. And then, he realized that he had to take her back home. She had wanted to ask him why as he helped her out of the cosy cushions she was dug into, but somehow couldn’t. He held her by the arms, the waist and the rest, while getting her towards the car which patiently awaited them outside.

Opening the door for her and helping her settle within he had taken a good look at her face. The face which had driven him crazy few years ago when they had first met at 210 Degree Celsius. Quickly then he got seated beside her and lit himself a cigarette. They had gotten through so much since then. That day and today, are like two extreme ends of chapters of one’s life. As he smoked with long sips, disturbing thoughts of Shawn confronted him. Well, want as much as he would he wasn’t able to totally call that chapter as closed. He craned his neck to look at Vanessa, sinking deep in her seat, her eyes were closed. There was no answer to how much he loved her and wanted her; it was like he yearned for her even when she was right beside him.

Only when the car rolled into the gates of ‘Thomson’s mansion’ did Galbraith realise just how exhausted he was. He had to shrug and call her name few times before Vanessa finally fluttered her eye lids as if awaken from a long sleep. He held out his hand in a reflex but all she could do was dig deeper into the seat unwilling to move, to get out of the car and into that house which had caused her so much grief and agony. Even so, she painfully let herself be led further towards the house. She continued being dragged inside the house, towards her personal chambers.

Laying her carefully upon the bed, Galbraith said, “Ring me if you need anything, I’ll be right in my study”. She looked at him with the curious look of a child on her face which he couldn’t of course understand. He had then removed his hand from under her head and walked with small steps towards the door. Vanessa’s eyes trailed behind him and the gaze was transfixed at the gate even minutes after Galbraith had left the room.