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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tumultuous of Love

That night in a drunken haze, Vanessa attracted more people than she did most of the times. To be precise, the entire boyfriend crowd at karma where Galbraith took her to make some conversation was apparently more interested in Vanessa than their own girlfriends. She laughed and it was hysterical, pointing at silliest of things. She was one of those girls you couldn't really ignore. Typically bold and outspoken with a charismatic personality and an energetic vibe around her every time which was infectious. Being drunk was not what she was used to. And yes, this was the first time she had gotten herself into this.

Galbraith hadn’t been able to allow himself to even miss a single expression of her face or body then. She was like some casket full of emotions suddenly more upfront and totally capable of making the rest of the world wanting to get a life themselves! As he gazed at her more, he knew it so well deep within his heart that she was the girl he would lie down dead for. And then, he realized that he had to take her back home. She had wanted to ask him why as he helped her out of the cosy cushions she was dug into, but somehow couldn’t. He held her by the arms, the waist and the rest, while getting her towards the car which patiently awaited them outside.

Opening the door for her and helping her settle within he had taken a good look at her face. The face which had driven him crazy few years ago when they had first met at 210 Degree Celsius. Quickly then he got seated beside her and lit himself a cigarette. They had gotten through so much since then. That day and today, are like two extreme ends of chapters of one’s life. As he smoked with long sips, disturbing thoughts of Shawn confronted him. Well, want as much as he would he wasn’t able to totally call that chapter as closed. He craned his neck to look at Vanessa, sinking deep in her seat, her eyes were closed. There was no answer to how much he loved her and wanted her; it was like he yearned for her even when she was right beside him.

Only when the car rolled into the gates of ‘Thomson’s mansion’ did Galbraith realise just how exhausted he was. He had to shrug and call her name few times before Vanessa finally fluttered her eye lids as if awaken from a long sleep. He held out his hand in a reflex but all she could do was dig deeper into the seat unwilling to move, to get out of the car and into that house which had caused her so much grief and agony. Even so, she painfully let herself be led further towards the house. She continued being dragged inside the house, towards her personal chambers.

Laying her carefully upon the bed, Galbraith said, “Ring me if you need anything, I’ll be right in my study”. She looked at him with the curious look of a child on her face which he couldn’t of course understand. He had then removed his hand from under her head and walked with small steps towards the door. Vanessa’s eyes trailed behind him and the gaze was transfixed at the gate even minutes after Galbraith had left the room.

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