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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I really miss that one cry I had the other day
I tried very hard to hide my tears all the same
I miss feeling the way I did when I did cry
It was perhaps after a very long time that I had such a satisfying cry
I want to feel it all over again
It was in fact after remaining strong for a fairly long time that I cried in such a way
The reason for my cry was so simple yet so profound
Someone who I’d opened my wounds to, used their blazing tongue upon them
It hit me so well; it gave me memories, scathing ones
Unsure if I learnt not to show anyone my wounds again...
Cuz I don’t think I work that way
Waw! I miss that particular cry today
I wish I could have it around
It’s funny; my state of mind had been elation then
My cry transformed my being and transported us into another world altogether
I reveled in the feeling I recount
I wish I could have that cry around.