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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I really miss that one cry I had the other day
I tried very hard to hide my tears all the same
I miss feeling the way I did when I did cry
It was perhaps after a very long time that I had such a satisfying cry
I want to feel it all over again
It was in fact after remaining strong for a fairly long time that I cried in such a way
The reason for my cry was so simple yet so profound
Someone who I’d opened my wounds to, used their blazing tongue upon them
It hit me so well; it gave me memories, scathing ones
Unsure if I learnt not to show anyone my wounds again...
Cuz I don’t think I work that way
Waw! I miss that particular cry today
I wish I could have it around
It’s funny; my state of mind had been elation then
My cry transformed my being and transported us into another world altogether
I reveled in the feeling I recount
I wish I could have that cry around.


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  2. Here's my piece

    My heart literally hurts
    My chest is in pain
    Life without you
    Will never be the same

    I can't blame you
    Because I did you wrong too
    But now that it's officially over
    I don't know what to do

    We started out as friends
    As I denied my feelings
    You came to me
    You wanted more, with more meaning

    I did but I was scared
    When you tried to be there, I left
    I thought you were better than me
    The best woman I ever met

    As time went on
    I regretted my actions
    Got caught up in my insecurities
    They stopped me from acting

    I couldn't believe you chose me
    When I knew you deserve better
    So I carried on,
    As if I never met you

    I finally got the nerve
    To look you in the eye
    Such a beautiful woman you are
    It shook me inside

    I tried to mend what I tore
    But the damage was done
    I came back too late
    You found someone

    I'll never forget your smile
    I'll never forget your eyes
    But your presence in my life
    Will forever be missed

    1. hi ... that's quite nice ... where are you from?

  3. I’m from the warm Mediterranean Sea,
    And the smell of fresh pines in the mountain.

    I’m from islands and continents,
    From north to south and east to west.

    I’m from all these places that hold my heart,
    And from a home that’s rooted in love.

  4. Hi... What do you call home these days?